Samuel Jones Wagstaff (1921-1987) was an American curator, art critic and art collector. In 1972, Wagstaff first met Robert Mapplethorpe. During this period, Wagstaff became convinced that photographs would become the most unknown and possibly the most valuable art movement. He began selling his collection of paintings and used the proceeds to buy 19th-century American, British and French photography. Wagstaff went Support Mapplethorpe financially and became one of his most important collectors. In this capacity, still young Paul Blanca met Wagstaff during his visit to New York. Then, influenced by Mapplethorpe, Wagstaff's tastes turned towards daring groundbreaking erotic, rough and violent photography. His collection was soon recognized as one of the most important private photo collections in the United States. In 1984 Wagstaff's photo collection went to the J. Paul Getty Museum.


Original photograph (c-print), hand signed by Paul Blanca.

Dimensions: 30 x 42 cm.

Year: approx. 1985. Photo of a later date.

Condition: very good

Provenance: from a private collection, obtained directly from Paul Blanca

Samuel Jones Wagstaff - mentor and benefactor of Robert Mapplethorpe