Jack Walls is an artist, writer and poet, but he is best known as the lover and muse of Robert Mapplethorpe. Walls and Mapplethorpe lived together and Mapplethorpe used him often as a model. When Paul Blanca met Mapplethorpe, the New York photographer introduced him to his friends. That's how Blanca met Walls and asked him to sit in front of his camera. There Blanca shot this seemingly open and innocent photo. More information about Jack Walls can be found here.


Original photograph (c-print), hand signed by Paul Blanca.

Dimension: 42 x 30 cm.

Year: approx. 1985. Photo of a later date.

Condition: very good

Provenance: from a private collection, obtained directly from Paul Blanca

Jack Walls - Robert Mapplethorpe's muse