Paul Blanca for sale

Paul Blanca te koop, Wit & Bruin

Welcome to Bob Scholte Art. My name is Bob Scholte and I sell art from the 17th to the 20th century. Some of the artists whose works you will find in my collection are André Lhote, Anthonie Jansz, van der Croos and Hans Scholze. However, I would also like to point out my very extensive collection of photos by Paul Blanca. Are you looking for an extensive collection of works by Paul Blanca? Then view my collection. This collection mainly consists of portraits, but also includes some landscapes.

Career of Paul Blanca

Paul Blanca, who was born as Paul Vlaswinkel, is a Dutch photographer best known for his controversial self-portraits. For example, he has shot a self-portrait in which an arrow sticks through his cheek, Mickey Mouse has been carved in his back with a knife or deformed himself and others with a wire. He also does not shy away from the ugly. Drug addicts and deformed bodies feature in many of his photos. An important person in the life of Paul Blanca has been Robert Mapplethorpe. He has taken Paul under his wing and introduced him to the New York art scene. He also said about Paul Blanca: “Paul Blanca is my only competitor.” This clearly shows that Mapplethorpe saw Paul Blanca as his equal.

Different series 

I have quite a few works by the Paul Blanca for sale. This includes the photo series "deformation" in which he deforms bodies with a wire. Blanca makes us look at human beauty in a completely different way here. But if this is not your taste, Paul Blanca has also taken beautiful landscape photos of the Netherlands in the series "Rondje Nederland". You will often see water in this, which is of course not surprising when you think of the Netherlands. But there are also typical Dutch views, in which the Dutch landscape is beautifully portrayed.

Paul Blanca te koop, zelfportret Mickey Mouse


If I've made you enthusiastic about these photos, I'd be happy to help you pick one. You can do this online on my website or in Haarlem. I look forward to delighting you with a beautiful photo, whether it is a portrait or a landscape.