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Bob Scholte Art Haarlem

Welcome! My name is Bob Scholte and I am a master's student of Art, Market & Connoisseurship at the VU. I mainly focus on recognizing quality and authenticity in art. That is extremely important to me. You may also know me from my regular “art hunt” column in Tableau Fine Arts Magazine. I have written an article about some of the works that I have in my collection. If you would like to know more about these works, I can refer you to my Instagram. I regularly share knowledge about special works of art. I do this because I attach great importance to transparency. I would like to give you a look behind the scenes and I hope that I can assist you with my knowledge and collection in my art dealership in Haarlem.

Foto: Studio Jan Willem van Riel

The Collection 

My collection of art objects has grown considerably over time. I have a number of beautiful Japanese vases. These are copper or bronze vases from the 20th century. Most of these vases and associated storage boxes are made by highly recognized artists. These artists are part of The Becker Collection of Japanese Bronze Flower Vases and therefore belong to the absolute top. I also have a large number of photos for sale by Paul Blanca . This Dutch photographer is known for his controversial and violent portraits. But besides these portraits I also have a number of landscapes by Paul Blanca in my collection. I cordially invite you to come and see them in my art dealership in Haarlem.


But perhaps you are looking for paintings or prints? Then you have come to the right place with me. I have several etchings by Leonor Fini. She is known for her surrealistic and erotic works. Her artworks are therefore related to Salvador Dali, Max Ernst and Giorgio de Chirico. If you are more interested in Dutch artists, a number of drawings and studies by Louis Soonius are available. I also have drawings by Herman Moerkerk and Hans Scholze, a painting by Anthonie van de Croos and etchings and woodcuts by Jan Mankes.

Kunsthandel in Haarlem, André Lhote