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Jan Mankes te koop, Portret van Annie Zernike proefdruk, 1914, ets (GE11)

Hello, my name is Bob Scholte and I am a dealer in paintings, drawings and photographs. I offer works by artists such as: Louis Soonius, Leonor Fini and Paul Blanca , but now I would like to draw your attention to a work that I have by Mr Jan Mankes. The Jan Mankes for sale is an etching by his wife, Annie Zernike, made in 1914.

Life of Jan Mankes.

Jan Mankes was a Dutch painter born in 1889. As a teenager he was already very interested in the arts and collaborated with other artists.  artists . One of those artists was glass painter JL Schouten. at the same time he followed an evening course at the Academy of the Visual Arts in The Hague. Around the age of ten he moved to Het Meer, a place where he was surrounded by nature and this is where he developed his love for nature. Here he painted the painting “De Woudsterweg”.  


Jan Mankes met Annie Zernike in 1913 and married the theologian and pastor in 1915. Annie Zernike is depicted on the etching by Jan Mankes that I have for sale and was made a year before their wedding. This is a contemporary proof. For the same copy, but printed by Dirkje Kuik, I refer you to the collection of the Rijksmuseum.


Jan and Annie moved again to The Hague for this, but soon moved back to a more wooded area, hoping that this would be better for Jan Mankes. He was suffering from tuberculosis. Two years later they had a son, whom they named after Jan's father, Beint. In the meantime Jan was getting worse and if he wasn't sick in bed, he was working. In 1920 he died at the age of thirty from the effects of tuberculosis.

Works by Jan Mankes for sale

Despite his very untimely death, Mr. Jan Mankes left behind a versatile oeuvre. It concerns about one hundred and fifty, mainly small paintings, about one hundred drawings and fifty prints. Nature or his family is central to many of these works, but he also made self-portraits. These portraits were mostly of his parents, but also of Annie. Jan Mankes experimented in his printing with different inks and paper types and adapted the design so that different states of it exist. Some examples are visible on the website under the heading "collection".


I have a special proof of Jan Mankes for sale. If you are interested in this beautiful etching, which is otherwise in very good condition, please do not hesitate to contact me. And take a look at the other art pieces that I have in my collection, online or in my art dealership in Haarlem. For example, I also have works by Paul Blanca for sale.