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As a master´s student of Art & Connoisseurship at the VU in Amsterdam, I focus on recognizing quality and authenticity in art.


Raised in a family of art lovers, I have always had a strong interest in paintings, drawings, graphics and photos.


I am now a proud owner of a growing art collection and I am involved in the Dutch art trade.


Current on sale: drawings by Louis Soonius, a collection of etchings by Leonor Fini, over 200 photographs by the Dutch artist Paul Blanca, a few Dutch paintings from the 17th century and an oil painting by the French cubist André Lhote.


Keep up to date with my adventures in the art world. For questions and reactions, send me a message.

Photo: Studio Jan Willem van Riel

17th-century panoramic landscape made by Anthonie Jansz. Van der Croost

Anthonie van der Croost _edited.jpg

17th-century paintings are usually unsigned. That makes it difficult to find out who the maker is. When a certain theme or painting style sold well, it was quickly taken over by fellow painters. This makes it difficult to attribute a painting to a specific painter based on style elements. Yet some paintings bear traces of what can be called a 'signature'; typical elements characteristic of one painter. The Hague painter Anthonie Jansz. van der Croost, Jan van Goyen 's neighbor, painted the work. Jan Willem Hoogsteder talks about this on 20 January with Frits Sissing at the Dutch version of the Antique Roadshow. 

More information about the discovery of this painting can be read in an article published by the Dutch Fine Arts Magazine Tableau.

Price on request.                                                                                                                              Photo: Han Boersma

Paul Blanca zelfportret Mickey Mouse_edi
Paul Blanca slagersjongen_edited.jpg

'Hunting for photos made by Paul Blanca'

As a columnist for the Dutch Fine Arts Magazine Tableau I regularly write about the art trade and how I work as a young art dealer. The first column is about a photo collection by the artist Paul Blanca.

Read the entire article here.



"Paul Blanca (1958), born as Paul Vlaswinkel, is a Dutch photographer who became known in the 1980s for his controversial and violent photographs. In New York he was coached by Robert Mapplethorpe who called the young photographer his only real competitor.


Blanca does not shy away from confrontation, he mutilates himself with razors and arrows and portrays heroin prostitutes at their moment of surrender. In Par La Pluie Des Femmes, he asks women about their most traumatic memories while capturing them naked and usually crying.


In Deformation he transforms human bodies. Here he makes the viewer think about the relative limits of the human physical by distorting his models with a thread.


Despite the averse subjects, Paul Blanca manages to capture the moment in an aesthetic way. His photos make the viewer think about what beauty is and continue to intrigue. ''



The collection consists of many A3 size signed photos from the eighties to the present day.


The works are not yet on the website, but are for sale. If you are curious about the photos, you can send me a message via the contact form.