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Photo: Studio Jan Willem van Riel

Welcome! My name is Bob Scholte and as a master's student of Art, Market & Connoisseurship at the VU University Amsterdam, I focus on recognizing quality and authenticity in art.


You may know me from the column "Art Hunt" in Tableau Fine Arts Magazine where I write about my art adventures. I am always on the lookout for special artworks, place works of art within the oeuvre of the artist and attribute anonymous artworks to old masters that I offer for sale on my website.


I am now a proud owner of a growing art collection. A part of the  collection is visible on the website.


The current artworks on offer include drawings of Louis Soonius, a collection of etchings by Leonor Fini, a photo collection by Paul Blanca, some paintings by Dutch masters from the 17th century, including Anthony Jansz. van der Croos, and I have works by Jan Mankes for sale.

Stay informed about my adventures in the art world via the website and read the stories behind these works in Tableau Magazine. For questions send me a message, or visit my art gallery in Haarlem (by appointment only).

Bob Scholte Art: art gallery in Haarlem

Notable sales of 2021

The year 2021 was all about the Dutch painter Jan Mankes (1889-1920). Bob Scholte Art is proud to announce the notable sale of Jan Mankes painting Roos en Lelie in een Glas (1912) to an important New York art collection. In addition, I would like to thank Museum Møhlmann in Appingedam for acquiring two special prints by Jan Mankes, Screaming Crow (1918) on spider web paper and a signed print depicting Annie Mankes-Zernike (1914). Do you have prints, drawings or paintings by Jan Mankes? I am always interested in purchasing or brokering these artworks.

In addition to Jan Mankes, no fewer than 200 packages have gone out with works of art by Leonor Fini, Paul Blanca, Louis Soonius and many other artists to no fewer than 28 different countries, including Germany, France, Malta, Romania, Italy, South Africa, America, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Japan. I want to thank you all for your purchases and interest. See you next year!

Jan Mankes, Roos en Lelie in een glas 1912__edited.png